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What if something should happen to me?

This indeed is the question we need to ask ourselves if we have property and/or family.  We need to consider the type of planning you may need.  We can guide you through this.  If you own property, and/or have children, parents or family members that you would like to ensure are taken care of if anything should happen to you, then we can certainly discuss your concerns with you in a sensitive, knowledgeable and practical manner. 

Please look at our Advance Care Plan and Life Care Plan.  A complete care package of your healthcare wishes and legal documents can be put together with all the important information centralised and accessible.  We provide you with a sectioned folder to keep all the important information.  You will consider a wide breadth of instructions and directions which enable you to put in place your healthcare instructions, who you wish to deal with health care or financial matters, where you would want to be if end of life care is being considered and how that would be carried out, if there are situations you would want to refuse life sustaining treatment, if you do or dont have religious wishes, whether you need to appoint guardians, attornies, executors.  In fact a wide variety of things that need to be covered when putting in place instructions and protections.  All of wish we guide and support you through to completion.

The documents to consider are: 

a)  your Will, 

b)  Document of Decisions from the Life Care Plan/Right to Die at Home Planning,

c)  Letter of Wishes eg with funeral wishes and specific inheritance instructions

d)  Living Will to instruct on when you would refuse life sustaining treatment 

e)  Lasting Powers of Attorney when you wish for another to act on your behalf.  You can use this planning to consider organising funds, who has access to funds, choose who does what and organise how you want things to be done.  This can be considered in mind of a potential illness or accident which you may recover from, or which you will need longer term care and support, or indeed when considering the event of death.  You can direct where funds and property go and who has access to them.  In our experience, what is worse than having to consider all these things, is when you did not.  We all know that facing an issue is rarely as bad as it seems especially when you have an experienced guiding hand to put all these things in place. 

Most of us have had experiences within our personal worlds of sudden injury, news of illness or of incidents that leave children orphaned or families changed.  We have too.  Then, we have seen and experienced the devastating consequences that followed where no directions or plans had yet been made.  You can not take away how tough this is to navigate, but planning is to enable everyone to live their best life even in the worst of circumstances.


Your Will can direct where certain properties or funds are to go too, such as for the care of a particular person.  You can consider certain circumstances that may concern you.  You can use other mechanisms to ensure funds are immediately available.  There is a lot more you can do than you perhaps realise.  There are also a number of ways your Will can protect you for example the use of the Golden Rule.

If you are concerned about a healthcare matter, we can discuss and help guide you on whether you would like to consider an Advance Care Plan within a Life Care Plan which would also cover all the areas and documents you would need.

Here is some more information on Living Wills / Advance Decisions from

There are a number of things you can do to give you peace of mind and put your affairs in order, which is the greatest gift you can give to the ones you care about.  We know it can be hard, even upsetting to consider all these things.  So, think of this, a little bit effort now will be nothing compared to what would be needed if something did happen without your guidance in place.  We can guide you through with pointers and help to ensure you have in place all you can and if needed, spread your plan over a few months to spread the cost.

Dont forget, as life and circumstances change, it is easy to contact us, discuss and simply update and amend your documents and plans.

Be in control.  Be Certain

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