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The Unhappy Beneficiary Consultation

Find out where you stand for the fixed low cost fee of £99.  We may only need to talk for 20 or 30 minutes but you have up to 1 hour of consultation if needed.  You will have your situation recorded into a report and find out what we recommend such as spending more time unravelling, or seeing a solicitor or going to mediation. Your report can be used to instruct a solicitor or go to mediation.  Consult by telephone or zoom.

It is, unfortunately, quite common to find yourself in a complex situation regarding inheritances after someone has died.  What is equally difficult is knowing whether you can do anything about it.  Consulting a solicitor can be expensive and you may not know whether it is worth investing those costs yet.  We provide a unique fixed low cost consultation service where you can find out one way or the other.  You will be provided with a Consultation Summary at the end to keep. This can also be used for instructions should you decide to instruct a solicitor or a brief for a mediation.


We have been asked about various situations following someone’s death and some of them are unfortunately quite common and others are utterly unique.  Sometimes you can do something about it, sometimes you can’t.  Sometimes there may be unexpected alternatives, for example after discussing details, it was discovered that in one case the solicitor who transferred a number of properties into the joint names of one sibling and parent without questioning the fact one sibling was being disinherited was in fact failing in their due diligence and had a potentially successful claim of negligence against them not to mention making a will after property and bank accounts were transferred into joint names leaving an ineffectual will.


Some scenarios that you may recognise might be :


An elderly lady suddenly acquired a new friend and the will was made/changed cutting the family out

An executor who may be a family member, years later still has not distributed the inheritance and sold a property 

A sibling has managed to get all the other siblings cut out

Special needs or a dependent has not been provided for

You were simply disinherited

Mum has changed her Will in favour of the gardener

An executor is failing in their duties

An executor and beneficiary is not co-operating and time is running out

You were not married when your partner died and there is no will

You were not married when your partner died and you have children and no will and the home or tenancy is not in your name


There are added difficulties when you are looking at situations where there has been no Will.  A sibling might have persuaded Mum or Dad to transfer property and bank accounts into their joint names and encouraged not doing a Will thereby successfully acquiring most of the estate.  There may be mental incapacity involved, there may not.  There may be minors involved and you wish to know your position.  We know the possible situations are endless.


There may be property abroad and no Will.


Find out how this affects you and whether there is anything you can do.  If we deem legal advice is needed we can consult with our expert solicitor

It all underlines, just don't skimp on investing in planning.  Its like hoping your car will never break down.  When it does, its in the middle of night, pouring with rain and your 'phone battery is flat.

The service also includes the option of us receiving an email from you with information on the situation so that we get the opportunity to consider your matter ahead of the meeting.  This minimises using your one hour for information gathering which is what many free consultation services actually consist of.  Time talking over the hour becomes chargeable and you are free to request that.

We work closely with a Probate Dept who have expertise and much experience in the law and courts.  If we recommend you consulting a solicitor, we can refer you to our named contact.  Alternatively, you are then free to consult with your own solicitor if you wish.

Additionally, we may recommend that the matter could be settled or improved through mediation.  If you choose to use Tipi Wills & Mediation you will have the cost of this £99 consultation deducted from your bill.  Co-Mediators can also be organised.  If you have mediators in mind our report can provide a framework for the mediation for you.  Any resulting agreement can either avoid court and be drawn up into a court order or be taken into court proceedings if you wish.


Email or phone to book your consultation giving your contact details and address.  Evening and weekend consultations can be given.  Meetings done by phone or zoom, whichever your prefer.  A zoom link can be sent for your booked time.


As this is a low cost service aimed at providing the best value service we can give you and we would like to keep it that way, we ask that you settle your bill within 24 hours of the consultation.  An invoice will be sent to you by email and the Consultation Summary will be sent to you once you have settled the invoice.  If for any reason we can’t send your Consultation Summary within the required time, we would let you know so if for any reason you don’t receive it, please contact us immediately.  We thank you in advance for your co-operation.

All successful projects start with a good foundation.  Getting to the bottom of your matter and unravelling your experience of it, can be done in one conversation or can take a number of conversations.  For example, it can be after a third conversation that an important piece of information is uncovered from you and if it were a solicitor you may have incurred their costs of hundreds of pounds before you have begun. This is something an experienced solicitor knows is expensive for you, so it can be difficult for them to spend the time that might be needed to get the full picture.  If you spend 3 or 4 hours in total talking, information gathering with your solicitor, this may cost you £750 or £1000 at least, just to get to that information.  In our experience, if it is needed, it is well worth spending time on unravelling your situation as thoroughly as you can with us, as one or four hours at our rate can be a significant saving.  It is entirely up to you whether you spend one hour or four hours doing that and can be taken a step at a time.  A thorough Summary, to give to a solicitor if you decide to go ahead and seek legal advice, is a godsend to them in terms of time, expense and understanding.  It may also indentify a situation that can be taken to mediation saving you even further costs and provides you with a Brief for the mediation. It is a win win situation.

In addition it may be the first time you get a chance to talk to someone about what is happening.  Even if there are limited options available to you, it can be a great relief to be heard and know where you stand.  Please note this is prelegal advice not advice on your legal position.  Know that if you require more time than the 1 hour, you are free to book further consultations at the usual rate.

Be in control.  Be Certain

Trained by and Member of both Society of Wills Writers and Estate Planners & Society of  Mediators

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