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Tipi Wills & Mediation

Complaints Procedure



  1. In the event of a complaint a client is required to contact Patricia Horwood at Tipi Wills & Mediation either by telephone or email within 14 days.  The client should write via email to  If the client has not had a reply within seven days please telephone to ensure the email has been received and resend if needed.  Please outline the details of your complaint with relevant dates and any other parties who may have been involved.  Please also state the reason why you have decided to make the complaint.

  2. The client is requested to state what remedy they would expect in response to the complaint.  Tipi Wills reserves the right to refer the matter to the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners and/or The Society of Mediators

  3. A response acknowledging receipt will be provided within seven days.  A full response will be provided within 14 days.

  4. If the client has not received a satisfactory resolution they may refer their complaint to either The Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners or The Society of Mediators, whichever is relevant.

  5. If a satisfactory resolution has not been achieved within a reasonable time Tipi Wills & Mediation will in any event refer the matter back to the relevant Society as named above and notify the client of such and provide details of the Society’s complaint handling procedure to the client.

  6. The client may have right of access to the ADR Dispute Resolution Service if the complaint remains unresolved following the Society’s intervention.

  7. Although it is advisable, clients do not have to pursue complaints through the procedures laid out and they may pursue other options such as independent arbitration or court action at any time.

  8. A record of any or all complaints made to Tipi Wills & Mediation will be kept and made available to the Societies upon request.


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