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It is our aim to provide care and support for people across the Isle of Wight, by providing carers that live and work on the Isle of Wight.  We believe this supports community and industry across the island.

Would you like a CompanionCarePA to visit you each week for some company, support and chats?

Hire a CarePA for as few or many hours as you need per week.  Provide a familiar face, companionship and the security that your loved one has the care and support they need.

If you are interested in registering as a carePA or CompanionCarePA and think you can provide companionship and care, please email us with your details and we will come back to you.

Daisy Chain Care Agency supports independent living for as long as possible

Mexican Fleabane is the name of this amazing daisy that grows everywhere on the Isle of Wight.  We understand the one that grows here, is in fact now unique to the island.

Its qualities are described as resiliant, dependable and tolerant of a variety of conditions.  It will grow brightly in most corners, and is very long lasting coming back year after year to brighten our lives.  This seemed to be a perfect alignment with the values of the Daisy Chain Care Agency and has become our symbol.

There are a number of ways a person can choose to enjoy independent living in later life.  There are many housing schemes and sheltered accommodation options available too.  Sometimes its just the simple solutions that are best. 

Your requirements are each unique, from making a cup of tea and playing a game of cards, to pouring the champagne, preparing a meal or making sandwiches.  You may need help getting a loved one into or out of bed or help taking a person to doctors appointments or trips out to the cafe and hairdressers.  It may be a companion once a week, or daily or nightly care.  It may be ensuring your loved one is eating properly, attending to their personal care, catheter or dementia care where it's possible to manage at home.  You may be caring for a spouse or partner and need help and respite.  Whatever it is, we will try and match your needs to carers registered with us.  We will also provide further training to our carePAs where it would help match them to your needs, in other words, a tailor made service.

A loved one may be living on their own, or living with you or you may have decided you would like some help and company to be living your best life.  Whatever your circumstances, please do not hesitate to call and discuss to see if your concerns and needs can be provided for. 

We have devised a group of services that you can choose from to aid living a better quality of life.  If you can't see what you want, please enquire and we will see if we can match your needs.

Please click on this link below to be taken to our sister company website, Daisy Chain Care Agency.  A variety of services will be described.  There is also a Client Resources Page where we encourage you to consider carefully the kind of care you may need.  Please feel free to email either company to register interest as a client or carePA. or

To call to discuss your requirements, please call our main number above.

Each carePA registered with us has DCCA's mandatory carer certification, and many carers will hold an array of further skills and qualifications.  Each carerPA will have up to date DBS checks, insurance, mimimum of two references and proof of self employment.  Invoicing from the carePA and DCCA and payments, are via a secure & safe accountancy system with tax deducted at source making the arrangement as seamless and safe as possible.  We aim to carefully manage the arrangement to protect all parties.  We aim to be a high quality and well organised agency. 

A carer will be selected to match your needs and skills tailored to your requirements within the remit of DCCA's services.

Each carePA has also undergone a face to face interview and assessment before being accepted onto our register.  They will then undergo a DCCA orientation to ensure it is understood what the standards and requirements of DCCA are.  If a carer is matched with you, they will also be brought to you for an interview.  You may choose to interview more than one carer if there are more than one carePAs matched with you.  After we have worked with you to put the contract of hire in place, our experienced Care Manager will come to the first day with the carePA and go through an orientation with you.  The first 4 weeks will be monitored with follow up calls to ensure all is running smoothly.  If a carer leaves within 4 weeks, they will be replaced at no additional charge so far as further carePAs are available and that match your requirements.

Often when contemplating care and the way forward, many things come into the equation such as Powers of Attorney, Wills and Living Wills, a Care Plan, tax if a property is to be sold, gifts and so much more.  We aim to provide you with that all inclusive service that enables you to plan and properly care for yourself and your family.

Be in control.  Be Certain

Trained by and Member of both Society of Wills Writers and Estate Planners & Society of  Mediators

Supports living your best life
Life Care Planning with trio of  services to support your welfare needs

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