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When is the best time to create my Advance Care Plan, my Will or Living Will/Advance Directive or Lasting Powers of Attorney?
(essentially any important document!)


If you are asked, or you are asking yourself, “when is the best time to make an Advance Care Plan, or a Will, or a Living Will, or a Lasting Power of Attorney, would you answer it’s probably best to do it when I need to? 

For a whole host of reasons, the answer actually is no, that is the worst possible time, or indeed it may be too late.  The best time to think about and organise things like this is when you are at your best and well ahead of when it may be needed.  This will enable you, and all around you, to be living their best life, even if and when, life gets challenging.  It is not the best time when you are under pressure, very ill or stressed or indeed unable to now make decisions for yourself.  Others around you can find themselves in the difficult position of not knowing what to do next for your best interests and that can bring a host of other potential difficulties.  Good planning can avoid those difficulties.  The best time is when you have the strength, time, capacity and resources, to consider matters well ahead of when they may be needed.  This gives you the opportunity to think things through, make changes as you wish, discuss things with loved ones, carers and healthcare professionals if needed.  Things can get complicated and its not always easy for you to know how to navigate it, let alone those around you.  So let us support you navigate your way through these decisions and choices to enable you to put all you would like, in place.

For example, an Advance Care Plan provides the opportunity to set out what you want and need.  The person that knows you best, is you.  Considering things over a longer period of time also means you can add and develop the ACP in a similar way to a scrap book.  Its development is something that members of the family can add to also.  If you should become ill for a while and recover fully, or if you know you will be dealing with a debilitating or terminal situation, this ACP is something that reminds everyone who you are and what you were like before you became ill so that you always feel that the person you are, is seen and heard at all times.  Loved ones cannot always be around when you would like, so this ACP is also a companion that perhaps family or loved ones have contributed to and has got to know, that can be your voice to those caring for you.


Don’t Put off Your Other Documents


Your Will, like any other important document, can be something you always meant to do, and one day, there is an unexpected event and now it is too late.

​Preparing yourself, and letting those around you know you have done so if you feel that is helpful, will usually lift a burden of worry and allow you to relax that you have organised things as you wish.  Nothing is ever inflexible, so if you need to change or update details, you are free to do so.

​Providing various instructions to your loved ones as to what you would and would not like, not only enables them and others to know what to do, it also protects you from anything being done you would not wish.

Putting Documents in Place

Having these documents in place means you have selected people yourself that you trust to carry out your wishes, and in many instances have made this legally binding.  You can organise things with basic details or in as much detail as you like, down to your favourite music to be played at a Living Funeral or after you have passed.  (I already know what particular music I would like and I have told my children but it must be recorded).  You can direct what medical care and treatment you are and are not prepared to have.  You can also choose who you believe is the best person to look after finances for you and the best person to look after healthcare decisions for you and whether there should be an additional person to make it a joint agreed decision.  It may not be the same.

​Whilst there are a number of things to think about and organise, dont let it overwhelm you or put you off.  A little time invested now, is nothing compared to the issues that can arise if you do not.  We will support and guide you to make this as straightforward as possible.


Your Documents are your Protection

You can use the documents you have created, and given substantial thought to, to ensure documents cannot be mislaid, hidden away and remain undiscovered, to protect you from being taken advantage of, but also to support those around you who care, to make sure you are always taken care of in the way you would like.  So, for example, the Advanced Care Plane allows you to use the Sections Provided in as brief or as full a capacity as you like, with as little or as many  photos of you and the people you love; notes and information on your likes, dislikes, your interests, what makes you smile and what makes you sad, favourite memories, whatever you think you would like to keep near you when you need to feel comforted or reassured.   You may also keep in the file a copy of your Living Will which health professionals will need to know exists and what it contains.  You may also like to keep a copy of LPAs or any other notes, again, so carers know who to contact if they need.  Your Will should remain private but keeping a note of its whereabouts will be important.  If your Will has a Letter of Wishes regarding your funeral plans (which will become public once the Will is published anyway) you may like to add that to the folder.  Digital Assets is another modern concern.  You won’t want/shouldn’t  publish your online passwords and assets, but you may like to record who or where your record of that is, for example in a special drawer, with an executor, beneficiary or even your solicitor.  Your online security is very important (so please do not share your details with anyone unless you are sure they are trustworthy).  Feel free to discuss with us.  The choice of what you keep in your ACP is entirely yours, but this way your Advanced Care Plan provides a full support system for you and those that care for you.


Keep Your Will Private

​Your Will can cause all sorts of issues and it is usually best to keep this private and have it stored securely with the National Wills Register and us so that it can always be found quickly.  Only tell those you need to or trust about your Will.

We have devised the Advanced Care Plan for the same reasons you would do an Advanced Directive.  Preparing one, well ahead of when you would need it, away from the pressures and stresses, (and even if you actually have the capacity to make such decisions should you need one) gives you the best chance of decisions being made in the way you want, giving you greater control and say in what matters to you.   This can also take great pressure and pain off those around at what can be a very difficult time.


All Documents can be changed or added to whenever you like ………..

​We therefore, also believe the Advanced Care Plan reminds and helps those caring for you, to provide you with the best quality of care you would like and have already directed.   It also allows you to have given time and thought to these issues so that you can put it all to one side and not worry about it, because you have dealt with it.  Never fear though, changes and updates can be made to all documents whenever you like.

Be in control.  Be Certain

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