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Be in control.  Be Certain

Making a Will for the first time, or indeed having to amend a Will, as well as consider healthcare situations, can be emotional.  Things you never wish to think of must be considered, things you hope would never happen, have happened.   Although sometimes it is because of happy events like births or marriages.  Whichever it is, we will take you through the things you need to consider to make an effective Will, draft up your Will, and/or other documents, then send these to you for approval or discussion.   Once signed we agree their care and storage.  It may seem daunting to undertake but, whether it be for reasonably straightforward matters, or more complex ones, we can facilitate.  See Life Care Plan and our Advance Care Plan.

Key times to amend or make a new Will









TURNING 18 if a beneficiary








One way your Will can protect you in your elderly years:

The Golden Rule

In 1975 it was set out in a case called Kenward v Adams that whenever anyone who is senior / elderly or seriously ill wants to change their Will it ought to be witnessed or approved by a medical practitioner.  So if you are aging, never agree change your Will unless you have talked to your GP about it first and we will make sure your GP verifies this is what you want to ensure your will stays valid and is not questioned.

There are key problem areas that courts and the legal profession are currently struggling to deal with.  As referred to in other areas of this website, these are often by far dealt with by simply planning effectively and making a Will, but not only that, the making of a Will that looks at your whole life circumstances is a must, hence our Wholelife Will ServiceA bad Will can be as damaging as no Will. Unmarried couples and remarrying couples often do not have Wills or have inadequate Wills leaving families in horrible messes when someone dies.  If you remarried and simply asked for Wills that left everything to each other, these are essentially badly organised Wills that simply mirror each other's wishes and can leave one family losing everything to another family and open the maker of the Will up to negligence (Hence greater regulation on the will makers).  Trusting that another spouses family will be fair and sort this out, often is not the case landing the case in court, who can only look at the case under certain criteria. They have to abide by the Will otherwise.  Sideways disinheritance is becoming a big problem.  You simply must attend to organising your affairs and putting that in place to save your families the awful grief of the consequences if you do not.

But, we also appreciate that there is very little available to help families figure out how to discuss difficult things and reach agreement that is not inflammatory or argumentative, so difficult subjects are avoided.  That is where our service comes in, to fill that gap and hopefully enable you to reach agreements that let you create a Will that looks after everyone involved in your families if anything should happen to you.  We can meet to discuss your needs and agree a way forward.  It really is that important to put your affairs in order to avoid accidentally disinheriting your own children or hurting your families.

You must also note that what you do with your Will and what you put in it, is an entirely private matter and does not need to be discussed with anyone, including spouses!  The important point to note is that you do make a Will, consider all the eventualities and put your affairs in order.

Have a Standard Will for just £99.

Add in clauses from £80 for example guardianship and digital assets.

If you need to consider a more complex Will that takes into account substitute beneficiaries, potential changes in circumstances and further planning, consider a Wholelife Review  That way you only have to pay for what you need.  We will advise if we think you need to consider further options but you choose what it is you would like to do.

See our Costs page for more information

Remarrying couples can sometimes each have children or indeed further family that may inherit.  Both partners may have assets they wish to bring to the marriage but would like their respective children to inherit those assets.  Improperly made Wills, or no Wills, are leading to the growing problem of sideways inheritance were one side of the family can inherit it all thereby disinheriting one set of children.  Extended family can also find themselves as beneficiaries where the Will only provided for one death or assumed that one would die before the other.  You may not want this.  We can advise you how you can both protect yourselves by looking at your circumstances and advising how your Will can deal with this.

In the United Kingdom we have a lot of freedom to make the Will we choose.  In many countries there is Forced Heirship and controls.  Interestingly, that freedom has made people overly relaxed about not making a Will.  The freedom was given to enable people from all walks of life to have equal access to legal protection.  

This has also meant that it is expected you have made a Will and in certain circumstances it is not only expected but required.  You may get asked if you have made a Will when taking out a mortgage or loan for example.  You may also get asked if you have guardians appointed for your children.

You do not want claims being made on your estate from various organisations or people if you were expecting it all to go to a particular person. 

You do not want your children being cared for by the state systems.

You do not want your gifts to fail, but they will in certain circumstances like someone dying unexpectedly and there is no alternative provision for that.

You do not want your children or family to suffer if something unexpected happens, and we all know it can.

There are a lot of things that we do not want.  There are a lot of things we cannot control.  However, things we can do are make provisions and leave clear instructions, using the law and its constant evolution as it tries to keep up with changing society, to have things the way we want, the way we intended.  Is it really better to trust chance? 

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You will find various case studies being added over time on this site, based on true events, that will enable you to consider why you need a Will and what things you might like to think about when you make your Will.

Be in control.  Be Certain

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