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Please don't keep putting off your Will and risk leaving your assets and care of people to chance or make or change a Will without proper planning and care.  If you are offered what appears to be a free Will consider what is being asked for in return (nothing is free) and are your full circumstances being advised on to ensure an entirely valid Will?  If it is a particularly cheap Will how much are the additional clauses which most people inevitably need?   If it is not standard do you get passed onto higher priced solicitors or will organisations?  Will they have your best interests at heart?  The law of succession is complex and the courts are overloaded with cases as a result of problem, failed and contested Wills hence the program of new regulations currently being drawn up.  If if organisations figure out how to work within the rules, only professionals act like professionals and have your best interests at heart.  A balanced objective view of what you actually need can work out much more cost effective.  Few organisations have put in the kind of effort we have, to find original thorough solutions to real problems for you and your family.   For example, we developed Isobel's Conditions and an Advanced Care Plan and have looked into the issue of selling your home to pay for care fees, and can direct you with that.  We are looking into creating further procedures and documents to protect you as you age as we find this is also an enormous grey area open to abuse demonstrated by the overflowing courts.  Nothing replaces good professional & client relationships that have your care and interest at heart.  Whilst a profitable business is essential, if that is all that matters in a service role then it is hardly in the client's best interests.  Supporting your local businesses can protect you.

Also, is someone else encouraging you to change your Will, even a family member?  Please don't change it until you have told an independent legal professional like us or a solicitor what you are planning to do, or someone else you know such as Age UK, your doctor or a friend.  

Be in control.  Be Certain

Trained by and Member of both Society of Wills Writers and Estate Planners & Society of  Mediators

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