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Our services are face to face where possible.  We will take full advantage of technology to maintain a personal service and to keep life moving which also facilitates evenings and weekends meetings.  Zoom, telephone and email function work well where appropriate. We can meet with you, via zoom, in your office or in the complete comfort of your home, anywhere in the world (technology allowing) at a time to suit you.  (Zoom preferred to ensure technical competence)  Both Estate Planning and Wills & Mediation work well on zoom. You choose what suits you best.  We are constantly learning how to utilise technology to the full in order to give quality of life and keep life moving forward rather than use technology to replace human interaction.

We aim to provide a personal and professional relationship that you feel you can trust and be comfortable with.  This is a key focus.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.   Please send us your enquiry by email to or call directly on the number shown.

Our expertise has developed to serve you as fully as possible via the internet.  You may be in difficult to reach or remote areas, or simply do not wish to travel to obtain these services for various reasons.  There are an enormous number of reasons you may wish to take advantage of a full online service.

Includes ex pats needing an English Will for English property

Will services cover only jurisdiction of England and Wales.

Mediation services cover any jurisdiction and is a mediation style of UK parameters. 


Currently based :

Isle of Wight


100% online means we can work together wherever you are


Tel:  01727 807169

Be in control.  Be Certain

Trained by and Member of both Society of Wills Writers and Estate Planners & Society of  Mediators

Supports living your best life
Life Care Planning with trio of  services to support your welfare needs

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