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There are three words to learn when it comes to staying in control of modern life and its complexities :

1  Plan

2  Plan

3  Plan

Plan to keep assets and funds and avoid erosion of your estate in fees, interest, tax. 

Plan so you can protect people and protect property.  A Will is at least as essential a cost as your mobile 'phone or your car.

Create legal documents that stay with you for the whole of your life.

Planning is key.  Tipi Wills & Mediation have developed five unique in-depth planning services to reflect today's living as follows:

Wholelife Planning© 

    Creates & ensures your Will covers your needs

Multigenerational Living Planning© 

    (includes blended families)

Life Care Planning©  includes Advance Care Plan

Serious and Terminal Illness Planning©  

Right to Stay and Die at Home Planning©

    (Includes Document of  Decisions) 

The modern Will is a fluid living legal planning document, to protect property and people that needs to be alongside you for the whole of your life. It must keep up with your life changes and circumstances in order to protect you.  A Will is about living your best your life.  Constantly evolving law allows you to consider planning in ways you could not before.  It is a powerful tool to have the law support you exactly as you directed. 

The best way to ensure your Will a) works in the way you wanted it to b) that all and not just part of the Will works c) avoids using up half your estate with Court battles after you die, is to make sure your whole current life and planned future is considered properly.  That's the only way to produce to a safe, effective, workable Will.  The courts are hugely swamped with the results of quick or badly done Wills made with poor planning.  It must take into account the complexities of our changes in society, so much so that further stricter regulations are being brought in about how and who can do your Will.  Society of Will Writers & Estate Practitioners are fully involved with this.  Tipi Wills & Mediation are regulated by SWWEP.  In addition people are unaware of the developing law or understand it poorly and this has opened up a huge amount of challenges of Wills.  This is why we have developed the unique service of Wholelife Planning which enables you to only pay for what you need but allows you to consider all the options if you need to.

Good planning sometimes needs agreement that can be very difficult to reach so our service also offers mediation.  Why?
There may be obstacles, which can sometimes seem insurmountable, preventing you from moving forward through lack of agreement.  This includes after the Will where it is being challenged.  If you have difficulties, this may simply need a meeting with us to advise, or if you wish, a meeting with all concerned.  If the difficulties are significant, it is better to consider the informal, safe space of mediation.

Our new services have been specifically designed to reflect modern life and its particular challenges.  It recognises the difficulties that can prevent wills from being made and provides you with methods to overcome them.


Be in control.  Be Certain

Trained by and Member of both Society of Wills Writers and Estate Planners & Society of  Mediators

Supports living your best life
Life Care Planning with trio of  services to support your welfare needs

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