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Why pair inheritance planning with Mediation? 

Often a Will is not made because there are complexities and difficulties that are too difficult to address.  The problem then multiplies after a death where there was no will or an inadequate one or one that is being challenged.  There has been no service to address this.  This unique combination service aims to change that.

Mediation is an informal but structured gathering, in a relaxed neutral environment, that aims to provide a space for everyone to be heard equally and to enable you to achieve your goals.  Mediation skills can be used for each service where needed, to work toward completion of your wishes.  Mediation aims to overcome conflict and achieve agreement with the minimum of costs, time, consequences and damage.  It has nothing to do with courts, lawyers and arbitration if you don't wish it to.

Here is an important point when agreeing to mediate : Whichever side approaches us first DOES NOT get favour.  The point of a mediator is neutrality and impartiality.  Bills are paid by both parties (unless agreed otherwise).  The invited second participant has complete equality, gets a voice and gets heard.  If there is an instigator there is no imbalance of power.  The only aim is to achieve agreed resolutions for both participants.  Both parties retain full control.  

Unique "Request to Mediate" Service

Have you been asked by another if you will mediate?  Are you unsure about neutrality and the process?   Are you reluctant to use their mediator?  Call us and we will explain the process as a free service.  You may also ask us to co-mediate. 

Can I refuse to Mediate?

Mediation for Contentious Probate

Be in control.  Be Certain

Trained by and Member of both Society of Wills Writers and Estate Planners & Society of  Mediators

Supports living your best life
Life Care Planning with trio of  services to support your welfare needs

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