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Same Sex Families & Wills

As most people in same sex relationships know, you are now treated the same way as anyone else in a relationship in legal terms.  Your unmarried or married status, by way of a civil partnership, means you have the same limitations and benefits everyone else.  This also applies to your children, extended families, divorce, parental responsibility, remarriage and all the myriad of issues that can beset the modern family. 

It is incredibly important that decisions are made if something were to happen to one or both of you to avoid the burden of that decision making falling on family and the courts in relation to finances, assets and family.  It is common for that to be stressful and contentious.  It all can be avoided by good planning and making a Will.


It may be particularly important to you that you decide what happens to each other's living arrangements, who looks after your children, where funds and assets should be directed and that your values are respected and whether you have particular wishes about the executors of your estate or who would be a power of attorney for health and finances.  These decisions can sometimes be harder than you anticipate but it is nothing to how hard it can be if something were to happen. 

Please give us a call or send an email, or both, and and we can guide you on your way forward in organising your affairs. 

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