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"An Englishman's home is his castle"

"Edward Coke  1604"

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Tipi Wills & Mediation is a unique combination service that was created and formulated by Patricia.  She says "My beginnings are unashamedly humble.  Each working area of my life was supported by studies.  Work life progressed at a pace so, for me, it meant jumping onto the next course to keep up.  No point standing still. 

My breadth of experience and training includes, though is not limited by, being a Medical Secretary, PR Assistant, Marketing Assistant, Medico-legal Secretary, Legal Assistant, writing and developing workflow software for legal systems, writing and giving legal software training programs to individuals and teams, installing and developing computer networks and legal IT systems, creating an IT Team, writing and designing marketing literature, setting up and running one on one software training business. 

My background is predominantly working for solicitors in London for 14 years with a varied role starting at Legal Secretary, to Legal Assistant moving to Office & IT Manager. 

The Team


Tipi Wills & Mediation works with the following to provide you with a full and professional service:  (Discussions under way)

XXX Solicitors.  Includes your solicitor if needed or desired

Independent Expert Tax Advice and Expert Financial Advice with your accountant or advisor or one we provide

National Wills Register

Society of Wills Writers and Estate Planners  (Full membership provides expert legal support and gives the client the security of recourse if needed).

Society of Mediators  (Full membership provides expert support and gives the client the security of recourse if needed).

Other experienced accredited mediators for co-mediation.

Fully accredited and fully insured


Patricia Horwood  MSoM  MSWW

Qualifications and Experience:

Medical Secretary Certificate

Institute Legal Executives Part 1

Chartered Institute Marketing Year 1

BSc Information Systems and Management Yrs 1 and 2

Office & IT Manager for Solicitors London

Legal Workflow Software Designer & Programmer

Writer and giver of legal IT training programmes

Formerly on board of local charity & fundraiser

Formerly co-founder and editor of local magazine

Author and Writer

Skills to Foster Training Certificate

Society of Will Writers & Estate Planners - Wills and Estate Planning Certificate

Society of Mediators - Accredited Mediator for Civil & Commercial

West Sussex Mediation - Accredited Community Mediator

University of Life - Full Honours Degree

A volunteer Mediator for The West Sussex Mediation Service

Daisy Chain Care Agency has been developed specifically for the Isle of Wight.  All aging humans have the right to the best quality of life possible.  Moving into long term care leaving family, pets, familiar surroundings is often not going to give that.  There is a great shortage of carers to help people to stay at home or with their families. Lets not play down the devastating affects of chronic loneliness either.  This carePA service is designed to tailor itself as best as is possible to each clients needs.

Tipi Wills & Mediation

The modern Will has evolved and is a living planning document that you should have alongside you for the whole of your life.  It is fluid and must keep up with your life changes and circumstances in order to protect you.  It is a powerful tool to have the law support you exactly as you desired. 

Planning is key.  We have developed five unique in-depth planning services reflecting today's needs and concerns as follows:

1  Wholelife Planning that surrounds your Will

2  Multigenerational Living Planning

3  Life Care Planning (with Advance Care Plan)

4  Serious or Terminal Illness Planning

5  Right to Stay and Die at Home Planning (with Document of Decisions)

Your pets are also family.  Use your Will and Letter of Wishes to protect what happens to them if something happens to you.

Further services include :

Unhappy Beneficiary Consult

Life Support Service with its three sections

and Mediation to facilitate all of your planning and goals

All planning can include a tax and financial advice service if required.  This can be expert IHT Tax advice or an Accountant with whom we work to consider the effects of Capital Gains Tax for example as circumstances change.  It can be through your own accountants and financial advisors working with us on your plans. 


Additionally, Tipi Wills & Mediation works with xxxxx solicitors and can also work with a solicitor of your choice.  Further benefits from these connections provide you with services such as :  a)  an option to name a professional as an executor  b) co-attorney,  c)  provide lifetime trust work and d)  look after your probate.  This allows you to gain the benefit of the most cost effective way of providing our set of service and keeping costs  down.  Please enquire for more information.

We are a professional service, objectively looking at your personal circumstances to offer unbiased solutions according to your instructions.  You choose the solutions from the advice offered.    We do not push a product, we offer planning and potential solutions.  That unbiased professionalism is key to our service.

Wholelife Planning that produces a Will that is safe and fully effective, that remains relevant to you throughout your life, is essential.  This cannot be emphasised enough.  It must have considered past life, current life circumstances, anticipated changes and as far as is possible related to your Will, the unanticipated changes.  To not consider this an essential part of your life's administration is to lay the ground for potential heartbreak and destruction.  If that sounds too overstated, read this link.  If there are children, minors and adults, this your way to protect them; if there is cohabitation, marriage or remarriage, this is your way to protect children and partners; if there are pets or disinheritance, this is your way to ensure things happen as you wished.  Fuss and fights can be devastating on those left to deal with the difficulties. 


It cannot be taken too lightly that building a life of property and/or family, means you also need to attend to how everything must be distributed in the way you would have wished if something happens to you.


If you are confident that a Will off the shelf, or one created from basic instruction taking is all you need, then those services are there, for now.  Due to the high incidence of failed and challenged Wills and the ever evolving changes in our society, and inundated courts as a result, SWEPP is involved in plans with the government to provide regulations.  The aim would be to produce Wills that are more effective and thus better protect the client.  The client is more likely to get what they wanted in the first place, less disputes and all things associated with that, less use of the courts (and mediation is part of that solution).  Whilst nothing is ever bulletproof and the use of the courts is a valid route where necessary, often what was really needed in the first place was an effective, thorough Will.  Where that fails because life is eternally full of the unexpected and complicated, the first port of call being encouraged, is to mediate.  It is after this, that the courts may be called in, but again, remember, they cannot decide on anything other than points of law and provide remedies for that whereas a mediation allows you to make any agreement you wish. 

In the same way you set aside expenses for your 'phones, computers and cars, you must include expenses for life planning and protection.  We all know the potential consequences of not maintaining a safe car with MOTs to check the tyres, windscreens, engine and so on, and have insurance also.  If you do not create a Will, plan for the future, consider and provide for the consequences of sudden change, the effects of change can also be devastating.   

Wholelife Planning is not a luxury, its essential and its essential to keep it under review throughout your life.  A Wholelife Review may reveal you just need is a simple Will for now, or that you need to put in clauses to cover certain events or certain property, or that you wish to add in provisions or further documents for future care and events.  You will begin to address subjects you might have been avoiding like what would your wishes be for your health if there were serious illness or an accident?  What is the provision for my care in this event?  What would happen to our children if they were orphaned?  This not macabre or inviting doom, events are going to happen anyway which you have no control over, but it is a sign of care and love that you attended to the welfare of yourself and those around you.  You do have control over that.   


"Almost everything that has inspired Tipi Wills & Mediation has derived from my own life experiences.  Things that could have been better and done differently are a driver.  How was I going to tackle providing a space for the real & human side of life experiences surrounding such a tricky subject mixed with practical and professional solutions?  There are a great deal of people providing a great deal of excellent services but for a wide range of clients, they are disconnected leaving a client sometimes struggling to pull it all together to achieve what they need or want.  This is my way of offering this unique blend of services because quite simply, I now can.  I hope I never stop learning from it."  Patricia

Patricia Horwood MSom MSWW  of Tipi Wills & Mediation is compliant with the SWEPP Code of Practice  & Terms of Business

Patricia Horwood MSoM MSWW of Tipi Wills & Mediation is fully insured with professional indemnity insurance

Patricia Horwood of Tipi Wills & Mediation is a member of the Society of Will Writers & Estate Planning Practioners and is a member of the Society of Mediators and holds current Membership Certificates

Be in control.  Be Certain

Trained by and Member of both Society of Wills Writers and Estate Planners & Society of  Mediators

Supports living your best life
Life Care Planning with trio of  services to support your welfare needs

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