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Wholelife Estate Planning

This is an in depth service attached to making your Will that looks at whether all your needs are covered.  It is particularly useful when more than a standard Will is needed. It looks at your whole life as it stands now and as those needs may change over time.  This allows for a clear Will reducing the possibility of it being vague or contested as well as considering how best to protect those you care about.  A safe effective Will is great insurance for damage limited after you have gone. The cost of a standard Will is reduced to £99 and you only pay for what you need adding in the clauses you want.  After weve taken your instructions you will be advised if more than that is required but you choose what you would like to do.

You may be concerned about children, a parent or your own future.  You may be remarrying and blending families or have members of the family with certain needs that need protection or simply have a favourite nephew.  You may own more than one property, own a business and be seeking advice in inheritance and tax.  The scenarious are as unique as you are.

A wholelife view is taken to ensure the best advice is given to you. 

For example,  options surrounding care planning and your preferences, whether it is looming or a long way off may have practical and financial implications.  You may be contemplating options for multigenerational living such as selling and/or extending homes, how to gain maximum IHT savings when blending property and possible CGT consequences or a best way to organise gifts in your lifetime and via your will.

This may also include plans for minors and how to have your funds managed until they reach 18;  who will be the guardians and trustees and what powers you would like them to have. 

There may be special circumstances in your family which require a longer term view of how you will protect or provide for a family member or a person you care for.  There are many and varied  situations that are particular to your circumstances which can be planned for.

We encapsulate all the expertise you will require to make a thorough and modern Will and advise on any other documents you may need using an unbiased professional service.  Most planning (subject to the client requirements) comes within the quoted costs.  Any further meetings such as more complex planning, meetings to discuss and reach agreement or any additional finalising needed, will come under the usual hourly rate.  You may require 1 to 4 hours in non standard Wills although this is entirely down to your wishes.  The first meeting and taking instructions for a standard Will are included free in the Wills price.  The cost of specific documents are listed under Costs.

(Once you have made your Will with us, simple amendments to an existing Will incur only a small fee, eg a change of address.  You cannot actually amend an existing Will as its a binding legal document.  You therefore need to redo & resign your Will for any minor amendments such as a change of address).  You must be very careful not to make any changes, or handwritten amendments, to your Will and expect that to stand.  This can and does lead the courts to invalidate your whole Will.  Always seek professional help to have it done properly.  If you need to reregister your Will with the NWR this may incur an additional charge with NWR.

Your Will and planning is likely to be concerned with ensuring the practical and financial protection of those you care for.  However, you may also wish protect yourself in your lifetime regarding your health and finances.  You may simply wish to ensure your assets only go to the person you wish.

Planning will also consider how you may use Inheritance tax advantages should you need it, and perhaps employ mechanisms to reduce or spread the tax burdens.  Often Capital Gains Tax comes into play as well as Inheritance Tax where there are decisions around financial planning, so further expertise may be required to complete your plans. 

You can see why deeper consideration may be required to meet your current and future needs as they stand now.  It may also result in further documents, now or in the future, such as:

Lasting Power of Attorney for health or finances

Care Plan documents for lifetime care and/or serious or terminal illness

Living Will

Lifetime trusts

Letter of Wishes

Specific clauses in your will

Thinking about your will and future will often mean you think through various possibilities and options, sometimes for the first time.  It may help you make decisions about investing in the future.  This may be about funding care, young children, education or special needs within the family, illness and even the right to die on your terms.  In amongst this, your decisions may require further financial advice including on IHT and CGT tax planning.  We can organise a consultation together with your accountant or one we provide to enable a plan to be drawn up, tax considered and the results recorded in your planning documents.

Your Will and planning will be kept under review.  As the Government changes tax thresholds and brings in change such as social reform, particularly in these times where austerity measures have been followed by political changes followed by a pandemic followed by tax changes and so on.  The law also continues to evolve and it is likely your life and your beneficiaries' lives will change also.   Life feels quite uncertain at times, so why not be as certain and in control as you can.

It is recommended to review your Will every three to five years.  However, it can be amended at any time, and should be as life changes occur, so simply contact us to organise whether an amendment, codicil or new will should be made.

Planning a Will with all that it can now do, especially combined with other documents, can highlight how it can be seen as a living planning document that becomes a fluid reflection of changing needs throughout your life.  It can provide a number of services for a number of situations.  It is rare that a one off document, created in a snapshot of your life, will cover the rest of your life, as it is rare for a life not to change.

Note :  You may be wondering why certain information is not suggested to be in your Will.  It may be recorded in a Letter of Wishes or even a side note.  This is because once a Will comes into effect it becomes a public document, therefore its contents may be seen by anyone.  You may therefore wish to keep certain information, reasons and choices, as private.

PLEASE CALL FOR A FREE DISCUSSION ( up to 20 MINS FREE CONSULTATION ).  You may email beforehand with details too if you wish

Be in control.  Be Certain

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