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Book a Free Talk on a Subject of your Choice


Are you a care home, a charity, a work place, or any gathering that have people who would be interested to know more about planning for your future?    Whether it be on wholelife planning or mediation services, we can prepare a presentation for your needs.  Book us for a free visit of one to two hours depending on what you would like to include. 

Book a free talk on the subject of your choice with some time kept free for questions.  Look at the subjects on this website that you would like to learn more about or ask questions on, then book us for a visit.


An organisation or department may wish to know more about the benefits and application of mediation services to their environment.  Whether it be workplace disputes, contract matters, legal proceedings that have become protracted or a wish to avoid the looming possibility of legal proceedings, families in trouble and dispute, communities in trouble and dispute, there's likely a mediation that can be applied.  If you would like to discuss how we may help by tailoring a presentation to suit your needs, or if you just wish to discuss how our services may be of help, please do contact us using the details above.  

If a person decides they would like a private consultation on a matter, an appointment can be made at the time to visit you or call you or zoom online. 


Employee Benefits  Consider a low costs benefit for your employees for just £99 that could generate a large amount of goodwill and loyalty.  I worked as an Office & IT Manager for a solicitors practice in London for a number of years and I know how difficult it can be to manage employees, keep them happy and loyal.  Talk with us and consider how we can help you provide low cost employee benefits and bonuses that could go a long way to boosting employee loyalty.  During the working day, your employee  would have the business perk of taking some time (maybe one hour) to make or review a Will (or LPAs, Living Wills etc) to help them find the time to put their affairs in order whilst remaining committed to working for you.  We would come to your offices and take instructions directly onto a laptop, so no time is taken with them leaving the premises.  This may go a long way in recognition of the gesture you have made.  Discuss with us and we will help you organise in a way that best suits you and gives them the usual client benefits and confidentiality.  Employees get married, have children, buy houses, get divorced, have accidents and illness and all of these things can impact performance and happiness in the work place, as well as leaving the employee stressed and tired and unable to find the time to do what needs to be done creating a vicious circle. Given that 62% of the population have not made a Will when they should have, it is clearly a problem for many people so you could become part of the solution.  It is a simple gesture that is straightforward to organise, that could go a long way on your behalf.


Each person will be liable for their own costs over the cost cap which you set.  A standard Will is only £99, and from £80 for any additional clauses needed, for example, for guardianship or digital assets.  You may say your benefit extends to £99 for a standard Will with the employee paying the balance.  As its usual for a person to need more than a standard Will, you may include the cost of two clauses in your benefit, thereby offering a benefit of £259.  This may be employee of the month, an annual benefit that gives a review of an existing Will.  Nothing may need to be changed or circumstances or the law may have changed; or more senior employees may receive a bigger benefit to include the possibility of trusts or further documents; an annual review may allow for documents such as Lasting Power of Attorney or Advanced Care Plan, Living Will all of which are lower cost that setting up a Will.   A more complex situation following death, divorce, remarriage, may require a trust which may be for the employee to pay or is included in your benefit.  How far your bonus or benefit extends is entirely up to you and it can be a one off visit or an annual review.  (Annual reviews are free as it is part of the professional service).  You can put a costs cap of your choice on it.  Please see our Costs page for further information on how you can plan to use this service as a benefit to your employees, then call and discuss with us how we can put a plan in place for you.  There are no pushy sales, our desire is to find a way to work with you.


If residents are staying in a care home short term or long term and there is more than one person who would like to obtain a certain document(s), we can book a block of time to visit you for your convenience to receive all of your instructions and prepare any document you require.  Once completed and printed we can then post or bring back to you.  The same applies to any group where there may be a number of people that would like to use the services.

If you are in hospital or incapacitated at home in any way, and would like to use our services, please contact us to organise a personal visit to you.  Dont worry, we are accredited and approved and safe to do business with.  We can bring our laptop, ask the questions and gather all the information we need to prepare your documents there and then.  We can then go back to the office, print and organise with you for it to be brought back to you and signed.

It's good to use local small business to support the community and preserve the personal touch.

Please do call or email using the details shown clearly above.

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