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Most people, from all walks of life are suffering the consequences of the combination of the economic crisis and pandemic and this may continue for some time to come.  Lives are being seriously affected and many of us are adjusting our lives accordingly.  We are a set of services that often supports people through some of the most difficult periods in people’s lives, so we wish to be as accessible as possible.  We have decided, for the time being, to offer a range of discounts to our mediation in the hope it may encourage you to use the service where it is needed.


For the time being we offer a 30% to 45% discount:


Everyone, no matter your circumstances, is entitled to a 30% discount during this interim period. We will notify you of the expiry date for this discount.

You may qualify for up to a 45% discount on the quoted prices that you will find in the Costs section.  And yes, there is an element of subjectivity related to need.  We think that is the nature of the beast.

Matters that are :

a) within the family setting

b) and have not reached legal proceedings and are in the phase of dispute (however gnarly that may be)

c) the lack of resolution is affecting members of that family

If you are stuck and wish to reach resolution, please discuss your situation with us.

Life’s difficulties continue on and often things beyond our control can affect us deeply.  Anger, fear, disappointment, frustration, beliefs, values, are just a few of building blocks that can build what may seem like impenetrable barriers to agreement and resolution.  This can add to the burden of finding a way to leave the stresses and conflict behind, which can become significant.  We believe in the power of mediation and its transformative and healing ability.  We therefore  wish to reduce barriers to resolution during these challenging times.


Mediation provides a safe space (physically or online) where all parties, via the structure of the mediation, are treated equally, have the same voice and time, are invited to speak for themselves and are required to follow some basic courtesy rules.  This is an entirely informal space so is not an arbitration, or court setting, and no outcome requires a win lose situation.  It is to reach an agreement that facilitates a way forward.  You, the participants, retain control of the process at all times and you may take breaks as you need and end it at any point.  We of course do encourage and aid you to see this through, but it is you who make the choices.

Where toxic dynamics are evident


Whilst no-one can be forced to agree to a mediation, and the courts cannot order it, life can be made very difficult if you do not agree.  We know from first hand experience why a mediation can be very difficult in such circumstances.  Mediation will not and does not facilitate one party over another.  It will aim to provide a safe and secure space to allow all participants to work towards an agreement.   It will also aim to shield one party where it is deemed necessary to do so.


Although quite rare, there are forms of mediation that acknowledge agreement may need to be reached within a dynamic where certain participants may feel and have experienced an imbalance of power within the relationship, to the extent that there may be fear and distress and one person cannot be in the presence of another.  However, for various reasons, you may still be required to mediate.  If this describes your situation, then please do discuss with us the possibility of an adapted mediation.  This is a mediation where you do not have to be in the same room as the other person/people and is especially effective by zoom.  It can be a more difficult process for the mediator (although zoom does usually avoid this happening), however it is an option where no mediation might otherwise be possible and is effective compared to legal proceedings, or where other institutions may be involved, and may qualify you for the higher discount.

Please note we do not hold mediations where decisions regarding children are needed as this is done by specialist mediators but you can still discuss this option with them. 


The Discount


Mediators are usually highly skilled and often have an array of other qualifications and life skills that enable them to do this work.  We work within some very challenging circumstances at times.  The proposed reduction in costs, via the discount, is not to devalue our mediation skills or any other mediators, it is to reflect that the need for mediation does not reduce when times get hard, but in fact likely increases.  We therefore reserve the right to adjust our pricing structures and remove discounts at any time.

If you are interested, you may wish to read this article on what the courts consider a reasonable and unreasonable refusal to mediate and the consequences.  There are times where it is not suitable for a number of reasons, but this article may be useful to consider


Mediation:  Is it ever reasonable to decline a request to mediate?

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